Today, we pitched our initial ideas for our final film to the class, where we had the chance to listen to other people’s ideas and thoughts on their own film and on others, albeit not much feedback was given.

My idea for my final film consists of traditional animation and tells the story of a homeless man that performs with his ukelele  to the townsfolk in order to live. With a bit of luck, he goes from performing in the streets, to performing in front of crowds at pubs/gigs/festivals, but realises that his passion for music came from the enjoyment of the regular people just passing by.

When I pitched my idea, the concept originally had two storylines, one being with the homeless man, and the other about a businessman who wants to turn his passion of performing with his ukelele into a reality. I decided, with a little help from my peers, that the storyline about the homeless man was a better idea, as it would have more emotion attached to it compared to that of a businessman.

With my final film, I wanted the music to play an important role as it would help the visuals, tell the story, and tell the audience how they should feel about the film, and I feel that with the ukelele it would be a nice, contrasting marriage of what seems to be a sad story, with a stereotypically jolly instrument.

Film synopsis: With only a ukelele to perform with, a homeless man achieves great heights but returns to his love of the streets.