By researching into the TV advertisements, I found that one of the current trends is advertising through the use of animals, and most of these use mixed media of Live-Action and CGI.

A few examples of current adverts that include animals are:

  • Freederm – Geese
  • SSE – Orangutan
  • Compare the Market – Meerkats
  • Mr. Kipling – Elephant
  • So Money Supermarket – Elephant
  • 02 – Cat
  • Three – Cat

It seems that adverts that contain animals as its main focus has been around for a while, as in 2007, Cadbury released it’s advert of a gorilla playing the drums to the tune of Phil Collins’ ‘In The Air Tonight’, which was an instant hit all over Britain, and even appeared in other countries, but I believe that, in terms of animated TV adverts, Compare the Market was the start of the bandwagon for many other animal including ads.  Starting in 2009 and still up to the present day, the Meerkats have constantly been on trend, and have caused other companies to follow suit.