Wednesday, myself and the rest of the animation course went on a trip to London. Upon arrival, myself and the rest of the third years went to the British Film Institute, located in London Southbank, for our live brief, hosted by Noel Goodwin.
We were taken on a tour of the BFI, by Noel, and were shown the Mediatheque, library, and cinema rooms, before heading into another room for the presentation.
The library and Mediatheque room were fascinating, as it shown how vast their archive of both books and footage is.

The meeting consisted of showing us past stings which were used for previous BFI Future Film Festivals, and explained to us the guidelines that our stings had to follow, such as the age range, duration, and logo.

After our meeting with the client, we were free to explore the rest of London, so we headed to the Tate Modern to look at the art galleries.