In five years time, I would like to see myself working as a concept artist for a company or for freelance work.

There are many well known artists that I look up to for inspiration, such as Dan Luvisi, Simon Hayag, Alvin Chong, and Jason Siew, to name a few. These people create awe-inspiring work, and I would like to get to a level which is to a standards as high as these. I always love seeing work from films, such as “The Art of …” books of Disney•Pixar films, or any other animated film, as the conept art in these are great to look at.

Personal Strengths and Weaknesses

Able to use programs such as Adobe Premiere/Photoshop/After Effects as well as TVPaint and Maya.

Unable to correctly sketch/draw anatomy
Not very experienced in creating photoshop images
Do not draw/sketch/doodle as much as I should
Feel socially inept when talking to new people
Not fully comfortable in using a graphics tablet
Do not have experience working with clients 

Does your showreel reflect your ambition?

No, my showreel does not reflect my ambition as most of my work is 3D based.

Name 5 steps you need to take in order to reach your goal

1. Finish university and receive a BA Honours in Animation
2. Continue to develop myself in areas such as photoshop, anatomy/figure/life drawing, social skills – networking, talking to other artists/animators
3. Try to create a distinct art style which will be recognisable
4. Build up a portfolio of work, either personal projects or through commisions
5. Obtain work through a large company, specialising in concept art.