For the lecture today, we got introduced to the idea of being practitioners, and that there are three in total: Theoretical, Reflexive, and Critical.

The theoretical practitioner is a person that focuses mainly on the things that are not face value of an animation, so the questioning behing it, whilst the reflexive practitioner focuses on the craft of the animation and how it will look. The critical practitioner, on the other hand, is the combination of both the theoretical and reflexive practitioner, although this state is hard to achieve and sustain.
I believe that I am more of the reflexive practitioner, as I seem to focus more on what the end product will look like.

We also looked at how we were going to structure our essays, and how we were going to address it, either through an argument, discussion or an exploration of the topic. In the writing that I done last year, I created an essay which argued whether “CGI has blurred the boundaries between fiction and reality”. I enjoyed  writing this argument/discussion as I was able to find points from both sides and use them to counterract eachother, so it will probably be the way I address my extended essay. 

For my extended essay, I have not chosen a specific title for my work, but I know it will be based on music in film, but I am looking at how the emotion that music provides to the audience, and whether I can use this as either an argument, discussion, or exploration. For the essay, I will be looking to use a five-part structure: the inroduction, three main parts which will make the body of the essay, and the conclusion.