For today, we had to get into a group of two and help revise each others storyboards. I partnered up with Taimour, whos final film is based on domestic violence. For his draft storyboards, it goes through the process of of a man and a woman, who fall in love with each other, and is portrayed in flashback form. The story then develops to where the man starts to attack the woman in the present day.

Trying to revise Taimours concept for his film, I gave ideas on how the story could be restructured in a way so that it is more emphatic. One idea of this was to create only one timeline of events which incorporated the past and the present together.  For example, in Taimours storyboard, the woman is looking out of the window waiting for her boyfriend. The boyfriend then pulls up and gets out of the car. There is a flashback to how the lovers meet, which is at a carwash, so I suggested that he merged them together, so that the woman is waiting for the car to pull up, but when it does the environment is now at a car wash and the woman is in the car and the man then meets her. When the car door opens, the man steps out of the car.

We done this to all of his storyboard so that there is continuity, although the scenes change from past to present, showing the lovers when they first met and the contradicting side of the domestic violence.

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