For my concept for the BFI Future Film Festival, I was thinking that the starting shot would be of a clapperboard which then moves through to a camera crew before it either zooms into one of the cameras or pans around the cameras and the camera crew, which reveals the BFI Logo and the Future Film Festival logo. To keep it simple, I was thinking that it would be in the style of silhouettes.

BFI Concept BFI ConceptBFI ConceptBFI Concept

Another concept that I had was to incorporate the old film countdown of the ‘3… 2… 1…’, but replace the numbers with the letters: BFI. I was thinking, to make it more interesting,I could integrate both letters and numbers into the countdown before stopping at the letter B, and then repeat the process for the F and I. After the countdown happens, the BFI logo fades to the top left hand corner, whilst the BFI Future Film and Slogan appears in the centre. This could also possibly be used as a year long sting for the BFI, if the BFI Future Film logo wasn’t included. An example of the old film countdown: