Our second day at BAF consisted of the ‘Animation and Public Engagement’ Symposium, to which I went to two papers, and two panels, which were made up of three papers each.

As a group, we went to view the first two papers:

  • ‘Developing Good Citizen Animators’. Jackie Malcolm and Sharon Campbell, DJCAD, University of Dundee.
  • ‘Animation  and  Informative  Films’. Nicolo Ceccarelli, Alghero School of Architecture, University of Sassari.

After the papers, only Najlaa and myself stayed for the next part, which was the first panel: ‘Animation Therapy; an animated process to enhance social wellbeing”. Chair: Melanie Hani, Healing Education Animation Research Therapy (HEART).

The panel included three papers:

  • ‘RuMAD2: A Methodology for Participant Led Visual Storytelling in a Therapeutic Environment’. Elaine Drainville, University of Sunderland.
  • ‘Loved and Lost: Animation as expression and agency for a group of adults with learning disability’. Yvonne Eckersley, Glyndwr University.
  • ‘Reception Engagement in Animation’. John Tyrrell, Sunderland University.

A bit behind schedule, once we had viewed the papers, we headed towards the National Media Museum to watch The Boxtrolls – Behind the scenes with Mark Shapiro in preparation for the feature screening of The Boxtrolls, before Joe and I heading back to the symposium to view the second panel.

The second panel was: ‘What’s Up Kid? Designing an Animated Tool with Children to measure how they feel.’ Chair: Joan Ashworth, Royal College of Art, and had the following papers:

  • ‘Using animation to learn about children’s health and what matters to them’ John Cairns, Centre for Nursing and Allied Health Research and Evidence Based Practice.
  • ‘Collaborating with children to develop the CHILDSPLA App’. Neus Abrines, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM).
  • ‘Developing character animation for CHILDSPLA’. Matt Abbiss, Royal College of Art.

Finally, after having some food, we went to see the Curse of Were-Rabbit before heading back to the hotel for the night.