Pre-Production – Presentation file.

On Friday, we presented our work for the pre-production of our Major Project.

To start, I presented my log line, synopsis, and treatment:

Logline – Hungry for an opportunity, a homeless man performs with his ukulele in order to find true wealth.

Synopsis – Busking for his living, a homeless man plays his ukulele throughout the day to the people that pass by, dreaming of a wealthier lifestyle. Managing to get his life back on track, he works his way up the music industry, but learns that wealth is not based on how much money he possesses, and so, he returns to the streets of which he first performed, to play once again for the passer-by’s.

Treatment – For my final film, I aim to create a ninety second film, which depicts the story of a homeless man that finds happiness in the music that he plays and declines fame and fortune for the love of his music.

For the stylistic direction, I aim to create a 2D digital animation to which the rhythm of the edit will match the sound and music. The music will be that of the homeless man playing his ukulele, and will start off in a slow, morose atmosphere and gradually incline to a much happier, exciting atmosphere as the man works his way up to true happiness. For the sound, I expect to use generic sounds of footsteps and people mumbling to represent the passer-by’s on the street, and other sounds that give the impression that it is a real life setting. As with the music, I feel that the colour palette should react in the same way: for the start of the film, the colours are dreary, and lacklustre, and slowly, as the animation continues and as the homeless man starts to improve his life, the colour becomes more vibrant and encouraging.

As for the technical side, I will be filming in live action and then rotoscoping the animation and possibly the backgrounds using the low-poly technique. I will also be using Adobe programs, such as After Effects and Premiere Pro to incorporate other aspects into the film. The intended audience for the film is very broad, as I believe that the demographic for the film does not play a major part.

I then moved on to how I thought about the sound within my final film.

When I first pitched my idea, the concept originally had two story lines, one being with a homeless man that busks for a living, and the other being about a businessman who wants to turn his passion of performing with his instrument into a reality. After pitching the idea, it was decided that the storyline about the homeless man was a better idea, as it would have more emotion attached to it compared to that of a businessman. With my final film, I wanted the music to play an important role as it would help the visuals, tell the story, and tell the audience how they should feel about the film. After researching and watching videos I felt that the ukulele would be a suitable instrument for the man as it would be a nice, contrasting marriage of what seems to be a sad story, with a stereotypically jolly instrument. By determining the instrument I was going to have for the character, I was able to contact a friend who plays the ukulele, who was happy to help with my final film.

I then went through my storyboard before showing the inspiration for style I want to pursue, as well as current use of the style:

I then shown my concepts, based on images off the internet that I had turned into a low poly image.

After this, I showed my Moving Storyboard/ Animatic.