Since my presentation, I have worked on my final sting for the BFI, trying to replicate an old vintage style countdown, which I feel that I am close to achieving.

I have encountered a few problems along the way, which included:

The font for the BFI – As I’m making an old style countdown, I needed the letters of B, F, and I to be replicated perfectly. We were told the font of this was Cecilia St Ltd Roman, which I was able to get hold of. Upon trying to incorporate this font into my sting, I noticed that the letters did not fit into the letters from the logo, suggesting that the logo font was a bold version. I resorted to photoshop and illustrator in order to correct this and vectorise it in order to upscale without any loss of quality.

Wrong font compared to correct font:

Unfortunately, I had started to create my final sting with the wrong font, but it was easy to change once I had the correct font as I only had to replace the wrong for the correct one.

I also encountered problems when exporting the countdown with nothing else applied, as when it was exported, it came up as a black background and I couldn’t apply it over the rest of my footage, so I had to find out how to export to keep the background transparent. In the end, I resorted to sorting everything out first in after effects before exporting and putting into Premiere.

Originally, when I exported the first countdown, I applied the wiggle effect to the exported video, which caused the numbers and crosshair to move in sync with each other. After deciding to do things separately in after effects, I replaced the wrong font with the new and tried to use the expression “Wiggle (10,10) to each file, which caused every single one to move out of sync with each other. To correct this, I simply removed all the expressions from each one apart from the crosshair and then parented them all to it, which caused each file to move in sync with the crosshair.

I believe there are still a few things which need changing, which I am to do before the deadline on Thursday. One of the things I feel doesn’t look right is the introduction of the BFI Logo in the top left corner, as I feel it comes in too quick, although it is timed the same as the Future Film Festival Logo. I think the reason for this is due to the FFF Logo first fading in being desaturated and then after the fade in, the colour goes back to its normal state. I think to combat the BFI Logo, i may have to make the fade in last until the FFF Logo appears normal. Another reason as to why I think it doesn’t look right is due to the fact is doesn’t move compared to the rest, so I’ll try adding a slight wiggle expression to see if this helps.