For my final film, I feel that there are good points and bad points in my pre-production work. At the start of the year when first thinking of concepts and stories that we would take forward as our major project, I believed that the concepts that I had were very weak in terms of its story and the style I would be using to convey it as, for me, I do not believe that I am apt enough to have a style that would be visually appealing to the audience. After presenting my ideas, with my current story being favoured, I was able to elaborate the story to be able for it to work. I was still unsure of the style I was going to use and how I was going to do it, but I managed to find some online artwork which used a style called ‘low poly art’, which I thought was on-trend and visually appealing. After testing it out, I knew that this style would suit both me and the film as I wouldn’t need to focus on the drawing aspect of the film, but rather rotoscoping using this technique. In terms of music, I knew that the music would mainly come from the busker, so I had to think about what instrument the person would play, ultimately choosing a ukulele for its typical jolly sound to convey a much downhearted story. If I were to go back and start this process again, I would try to come up with a more creative story to start off with and also research into more visual styles to see what would work best for the film, although I do believe the ‘low poly art’ style works well and is on-trend.