Week 7

Denise was absent for today so we had Laura Lander come in to speak to us about Interviews and Networking.

Interviews are important as they help give the employer the information to see if you are suitable for the job, so it is beneficial for us to prepare in the right way.

To help get the job, it is important to remember the 3 V’s of verbal, vocal, and visual, with research suggesting that the visual is the most important.

In order to create a good first impression it is vital to:

  • Arrive on time to the interview
  • Use a firm hand shake when greeted by the employer/interviewer
  • Have good body language
  • Keep good eye contact
  • Be polite
  • Dress appropriately

To help in the interview, it is helpful to research the job you are applying for, such as the company’s competitors and what the job entails. It is also helpful to try to answer practice questions that they may ask and also think of questions you may like to ask at the end of the interview, although it is recommended that you avoid asking about the wage or holidays.

We also looked at networking, which is essential for animators.

There are many ways to network, such as:

  • Shadowing/Volunteering
  • Speaking to employers that visit the university
  • Graduation Show
  • Going to festivals
  • Social Media

Networking is good as you are able to find out what a particular job/company is like and can help you look for work. When networking, it is important that you follow up any contacts that you do make, as leaving it for too long may make the contact forget who you are.

One way of networking is by using LinkedIn, a professional site which enables you to create your own network which expands as you network with more people.