We looked at how we should write our 2000 word evaluation, which is a written report on our experience and should be both evaluative and reflective.

The evaluation should include:

  • What I am evaluating
  • What was done and how it was done
  • Present findings, conclusions and any recommendations

The reflection should:

  • Record process throughout study
  • Improve performance by using outcome of reflection to inform future practice
  • Learn by making links between theory and practice
  • Help develop professionally

Sam gave us a simple plan/structure to follow, which was:

Title – Name, Student Number and Word Count
Contents – Including any illustrationsIntroduction

To set out the Main, we could either approach it in a chronological way using dates, or by structuring it how we approached them, from concept to pre-production, pre-production to production to finally post production.

In order to get our work proofread, we need to give Sam our copy by April 16th.